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Want to Save up to $25.00 on Flowers Today? Let us show you how.

Its easy to save money and time by ordering your Flowers directly from the florist who will deliver them.

How do I know I am ordering from a local florist?

Unfortunately, companies (order brokers) posing as local florists in the yellow pages and on the web may be located hundreds of miles away. Local florists use their physical address as well as local phone numbers. Hint: If a site or ad does not contain this local information, chances are they aren't located in the city where your flowers are being delivered.

Most flower brokers charge up to $19.95 for the convenience of transferring your order to a local flower shop. Some even charge an extra service charge if you place your order over the phone. We are happy to talk with you and give you free professional advice. Ordering flowers from your local florist can save you as much as $25.

Free delivery is not always free!

Order brokers generally include the price of the item and delivery ($5.00 - $15.00) in their prices. An additional service fee, up to $14.95 is also charged for the convenience of placing the order through them. Smart shoppers notice that free delivery sites, in most cases, actually cost more than the ones that clearly state their delivery.

Need help finding something special?

Your local florist knows what's in season, what's available and can make suggestions that can be custom made to your specifications. Our professionally trained staff is available to help you. We are not just a room full of telemarketers sitting in front of computer screens.

Sending flowers to other towns?

We can have flowers sent for you virtually anywhere. We offer this convenience to our customers who want to ensure flowers they send out of the area are as fresh and beautiful as the ones we deliver locally.

We charge a delivery charge for out of the area orders, that will be charged by the delivering florist (otherwise the florist will deduct those dollars from the price of the flowers delivered which is allowed according to wire service rules). We charge a $9.95 service and handling fee.

We feel your flower buying experience with us will be a very satisfying one. Our #1 source for new customers is from referrals by our current ones.

For any questions, concerns or special needs contact us
at 866-444-4038 or locally 615-444-4038.

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